Corporate Events

Date : 2018 May 14th
The wide variety and flexibility of our venues, the variety of facilities as well as the experience of our staff, allow us to organise any type of corporate event.
In our hotels, we organise company events, including private parties for firms, dinner parties, product launches, meetings, trainings, presentations, training sessions, seminars and any other type of corporate events.

Coffee Break & Lunch

Coffee and lunch breaks are so special because here is where guests meet and share views upon the meeting they attend. Also, you can boost and revitalize your event with an excellent coffee, a delicious croissant or a fine tea.
The breaks are designed to eliminate fatigue and prepare the participants for a new session of the conference or workshop.


Type Coffee Break & Lunch menu is adaptable and may include drinks and depending on the customer’s wishes. Refreshments can be finger food, sweet or salty pastry.

Corporate Parties

The link between employees and employers is extremely important. Our hotel offers the possibility to choose a themed party on various occasions: Valentine ‘s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or any type of celebration of your company.
Our team offers advice to make the best decisions regarding the planning of the event and the treatment of your guests. We also offer support throughout the running phase of your event.


Business or professional meetings are designed to maintain a close relationship with business partners and also are a good opportunity to keep up with their needs.
Our setup and well trained staff provides the necessary logistics for the conduct of the event, including the following facilities: natural light, screen, flip chart, Wi-Fi.
For more details about the services we offer their please view our offer.
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