Hungarian relations of the Haller family

Hungarian relations of the Haller family began with Sen. Haller Ruprecht, who got the right from king Ulászló II (1490-1516) to buy land in Hungary for 4000 forints. One of his sons, Ruprecht junior became related with the representatives of the patricians in middle-age Buda. His son, Peter moved to Transylvania and founded the Transylvanian branch of the family. Peter Haller, judge and counselor at Szeben, obtained the first estates for the family in Transylvania.

His son, Gábor became the brother-in-law of Bocskai István, who later became Prince of Transylvania. Gábor’s son, István obtained the estates at Szentpál and Marosugra in 1609. István Haller started constructing his castle at Szentpál in 1610. His son, János Haller was a politician and writer, known for translating the Hármas História.

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