Haller carnival


If you like to participate in funny games, you love to have a laugh and like to participate in a costume-making contest with awards, then come and have a great carnival with us!

We here at Castle Haller love to have fun with our guests every year at a fancy dress carnival. If you would like to join in on the next one, give us a call at +4 (0)747 049 819, or +4 (0)747 049 817.


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 The building is wonderful. We’ve been only missing the baggy clothes, specific of the era.
Dósa Réka
 Thank you very much for the elegance of the XVIIth century and the comfort of the XXIst.
Makkai Judit and Zsolt
 We had hoped, that this place will have a part in fulfilling the most beautiful day of our life. Our dream came true.
Koós Emese and Lehel
The Best Wedding Ever! I wish we could get married here every year
Réka and Philip